Signs to restore sanity and/or fear…while marching

19 10 2010

Hey everyone!

The nadj and are so happy to be able to attend the Rally to Restore Sanity and/or Fear this month. Sadly, as everyone can’t go, we’d like to know your best ideas for signs. Please post your faves, and if we like it and/or have enough poster board (hmm I should make sure there isn’t a run on posterboard @ my local Staples…) or spare cardboard we’ll make sure YOUR VOICE is heard. They can be of either the sane or fearsome persuasion, or both. And maybe we’ll take a pic of your sign on the National Mall. Fab incentive, I know 😉



This is Your Mouth with NPH

9 06 2010

Neil Patrick Harris has narrated a documentary called “This is Your Mouth.” Every time the documentary is viewed, $1 will be donated to the National Children’s Oral Health Foundation.

Muppets and Lost

13 05 2010

Those of you who don’t watch Lost may not know that the creators put out videocasts and podcasts after most episodes. This season, they’ve been using Muppets in the videocast (a benefit of being on ABC which owns Disney). This has even included a Muppet-fied version of one of the characters who often acts as “host” for the Slapdown series.

A lot of these videos contain spoilers for the show–but this one doesn’t. Well, not unless you speak gibberish-Swedish.

Muppet Addendum

15 04 2010

It figures that right after my last Muppet-themed post, someone would put up an even cooler set of links over at Metafilter.

Follow this link for details on MuppetFest–a live performance of the Muppet Show in 2001.  Video finally is circulating of this event.

Muppet Links

14 04 2010

Some interesting links to Muppet camera tests…worth browsing when you get a moment.

My fave weatherman was at it again for the Snowpocalypse/Snowmageddon/SnObama:

8 02 2010

turn the vol down again


Nice to know the 80s was a world-wide affliction

1 02 2010